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Παρασκεύη 2/7 21:30 ετελέσθη η παρακάτω εκπομπή.

late 90’s-mid 20’s Βρετανίλα μόνο.

τηε λιστ

Five Hundred Miles – Alex Κ. – Δημήτρης Πουλικάκος.mp3
Underworld – Rez.mp3
22-20s – Friends.mp3 (χαλι εκεινη την ωρα)
22 20s White Lines.mp3
22-20s – Pocketfull of Fire.mp3
Cage The Elephant – Too Late To Say Goodbye (Audio).mp3
The Stone Roses – One Love .mp3
Something Burning.mp3
The Stranglers – No Mercy.mp3
The Stranglers – Always The Sun (Official Video).mp3
The Stone Roses – Beautiful Thing.mp3Arctic Monkeys- Brianstorm.mp3
22-20’sSuch A Fool.mp3
Has A Shadow – Can’t Stop The Fall.mp3
Yell-O-Yell – shoot the truth(1982).mp3
We Said We Wouldn’t Look Back.mp3
Yell-O-Yell – Drifters.mp3
Modern Ruin – Permanent Vacation [Höga Nord Rekords] 2021.mp3
Joy Division – Shadowplay.mp3
Cure – A Forest.mp3
Pulp – Common People.mp3
The Stone Roses – Love Spreads (with lyrics).mp3