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gravitysays_i – gravitysays_i
los bitchos-  this link is about to die
Aphrodite’s Child – Ofis
Aphrodite’s Child – Infinity
Aphrodite’s Child – Aegean Sea
Guitar Solo, No. 5 – Neil Young
Dhidalah – NO WATER
Lunarmare –  Trans Lunar Injection (Part I)
Lunarmare – Bullet
This is Nowhere – Dope Head Blues
This is Nowhere – Void Rejects
THIS IS NOWHERE – A Possible End? (error)
DE SADES – Motherfuckin’ Blues
The Flying Eyes – Oh sister
Kadavar – Pale Blue Eyes
THIS IS NOWHERE – A Possible End? (good)
My Sleeping Karma – Ahimsa
1000mods- Liquid Sleep
Acoustic Wizard – Funeralopolis
1000Mods – Vidage (Acoustic)
All Them Witches – Blood and Sand / Milk And Endless Waters (Live on KEXP)
Last drive – Yiagos

Sorry για κάποια λάθη 🙂