Radical news flash 13/02/2021 #2

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3-minute english-speaking news flash with updates from social movements and political struggles around the world.

In Hondura, a 26-year-old nursery student died in police custody last weekend after being detained for breaching a coronavirus curfew. Protesters have been demanding truth and justice for the young nurse and accountability amid the alarming escalation of deadly violence against women. At least six women have been killed since this young woman died. The protests have been confronted by the police.

Am outcry has been sparked in the united states, as at least 72 people have been deported to Haiti on Monday, including a two-month-old baby and 21 other children. The deportations occurred despite the government issued a 100-day moratorium on deportations, with the excuse that there are no facilities to host the refugees, since they were dismantled during the Trump administration.

Twelve Mexican police arrested over mass killing of 19 migrants near the US border. The killings revived memories of the gruesome 2010 massacre of 72 migrants near the town of San Fernando by a drug kartel.

The Brazilian mining giant Vale has agreed to pay 7 billion dollars compensation for a deadly dam collapse that killed 272 people. The Brumadinho disaster occurred on 25 January 2019. It was a terrible work accident and is considered one of the worst environmental tragedies in Brazilian history, which led to a toxic torrent of mining waste moving with 80km/h and swallowing everything in its path.

Academic staff at all public universities of Uganda have laid down their tools demanding payment of their salary enhancement by government, which date back to 2015.

In the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, several people have squatted a building in Delfshaven in order to make a statement to the city council. Rotterdam has been pushing people on the minimum wage out of the city for years. The activists are now drawing a line and want a higher minimum wage and affordable housing.