Bad News – Επεισόδιο 35, Ιούνιος 2020

Αυτό το μήνα ακούτε το 35ο (Ιούνιος ’20) ηχητικό από το B(A)D NEWS, ένα δελτίο αντιπληροφόρησης στα αγγλικά, από το διεθνές δίκτυο αναρχικών και αντιεξουσιαστικών ραδιοφώνων, που μεταδίδει ειδήσεις και κινηματικούς αγώνες απ’όλο τον κόσμο.


Welcome to the 35th edition of Bad News. This is our Angry Voices From Around The World for June, 2020. A report from the international network of anarchist and anti-authoritarian radios.

Download it HERE (Total Length: 54min. & 16sec.)


  1.  The Final Straw Radio show in occupied Tsalagi land in Southern Appalachia, US, got to connect with Rosemary, who is an organizer in Minneapolis, about the liberation of Sanctuary Hotel, a former Sheraton Hotel in that city, and its slow but steady transformation into something that is becoming so much more than a housing cooperative. They speak about how this resocialization came to happen, some of the circumstances involved, about how this is a very deep collaboration between un-housed folks in Minneapolis and people involved in doing care work, the power of George Floyd who was profoundly involved in doing that same kind of care work with un-housed people, and many many more topics.
  2. A-Radio Berlin interviewing on a new feminist campaign in Germany to raise awareness to the abortion topic.
  3. Radiofragmata (Athens) with updates on the general situation, the movement and the struggles in greek territory.
  4. Invisible Radio (Greece) with some news by the voices of the voiceless (refugees/migrants).
  5. R.O.S.E. (Athens) with news from Greece.

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